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I love this free blog! I can walk away from it for a year at a time, and just when I remember it’s here, I find fresh joy in typing a new post! I’m not sure what it is about coming back to my first blog, but there is something magical for sure!

Time has flown since the launch of

Awake In The Dark turned out to be a great outlet for discussions based on the metaphysical, spiritual, physics, science, nature, philosophy and so much more. The site is being revamped once again, but feel free to check out if you like to talk about what it all means.

2013 was also an excellent year for my fine arts portfolio. Not only did I paint more paintings in any one year alive, topping my all time personal best, but my level of work was raised to a new set of heights. I’m a little more rooted and focused now in oil painting, before there was more of a blend of mediums, but now my true passion is oils. At least at the moment, I always reserve the right to get into a new creative venture, I wouldn’t want to limit myself now would I? My artistic side drove me to launching a fine artist portfolio found at Http:// is aimed at showing my portfolio and also offering fine art based services for hire. and

That project lead me back into doing web design again, which naturally translated into the launch of which is focused on web and internet technologies consulting, graphic design, web design, internet marketing and sales strategies, audio editing, video editing and multi-media with the potential to one day be a full blown ad agency with a new take on doing business in the 21st century. The goal is to teach businesses how to shift their approach to more of a natural business approach, which improves overall flow from attracting new customers, to creating new services to essentially getting your business out of the groundhog-day style rut they tend to fall into after a period of becoming complacent. The Orion Web Consulting methodology is a one of a kind approach to doing business that simply isn’t out there yet and will yield un-precedented results. I am so very excited to launch this venture because it is going to help so many people leave behind jobs and careers that don’t suit that to pursue new ventures online and through local business and Orion is the shining light in the darkness lighting the new path.

Please take a minute to check out all of the sites:

Until the next blog, be excellent everyone!


Facebook Timeline is a Magnet

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Hey, check out this excellent article on Awake In The Dark,

The article presents the idea that if you review your Facebook Timeline or Google Plus wall, you can get a great idea as to the vibration you are sending out. That vibration acts like a magnet, attracting like vibrations back to you. If you don’t want anger and frustration, all you have to do is remove the anger and frustration from your posts. It’s really pretty amazing!

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Awake In The Dark

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Hey everyone, it’s been a really long time, but I’m back. Ha! As if you missed me. No one is reading this blog. Are they?

I’d like to point your attention (and this could just be search engine bots I’m talking to here) to a new web site aimed at uniting awakened people so they can talk and share ideas.

Feel free to also check out our facebook page found here:

and follow us on twitter:

Thanks in advance for checking out Awake In The Dark. Hopefully you’ll pass along the good word.

Blogathon Biffington

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The Schmafka Blast is now live, and I can get back to writing about other things on my blog. I’m relieved. Getting back to the discussion on baseball, hockey, current worldly affairs, entertainment news and technology is just what the doctor ordered.

Phillies Fans:
How amazing is Hunter Pence? What a superb addition to the team. His strong right handed bat adds depth and forces pitchers to pitch to Ryan Howard. That’s what we’ve been waiting for! Another excellent addition by Ruben Amaro

Charles Minguez

My esteemed colleague Charles Minguez, of launched a new blog this week. His focus is on covering topics that span Music, Buddhism, Food and Technology. He is just getting the site started, but if I know Charles like I think I do, he will make the site a fantastic wealth of knowledge worth bookmarking. Visit Charles here:

Bad Crap in The Quest for the White Whale

Bad Crap in The Quest for the White Whale is now available through iTunes and Amazon, pick up your copy today!

Check out the new Bad Crap web site

Bad Crap – The Quest For The White Whale on Sale at CD Baby

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The secret band

Bad Crap is an elusive and exclusive secret band who is taking the internet by storm. The lineup changes regularly and they rarely make live appearances. In 2007 they released their first CD Ottsville and they just released their epic follow up The Quest For The White Whale for sale on

Pick up your copy today!


Bad Crap presents “Ottsville” on sale at Amazon

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Bad Crap and The Quest for the White Whale

August 4, 2011 1 comment

Ottsville and Beyond

After releasing Bad Crap presents “Ottsville” in 2007, the band and I decided to hit the studio to refine what we learned. The first CD was fueled by a couple of buddies who were huge WEEN and Frank Zappa fans, and we just wanted to see if we could make an album. After “Ottsville” was a success, we began working on a set of songs called the “Off to the Races” sessions back in early 2009. The process was a little more refined this time, complete with pre-production planning sessions and scratch demo sessions that really started to give shape to the whole project. The goal was to keep the raw Bad Crap spirit alive, while beefing up our music theory and approach to writing.

Early on there was an idea that the Bad Crap should expand it’s capabilities by creating and open rotation of musicians who contribute in the writing process. So that became a focus quickly, and I think that idea of expanding the group really improved the over all mood of the project. Not too far in we decided the collection of songs, didn’t really remind us of going off to the races anymore, rather they made us feel as if we were setting off on an epic journey. The songs felt symbolic towards our new writing approach of taking on the unknown and going after a bigger fish. And there is no bigger fish out there than Moby Dick, so naturally the title began to take shape. Bad Crap in “The Quest for the White Whale”.

Check out “Atlantic City” a new track from The Quest for the White Whale

here are some other great Bad Crap links:

Bad Crap’s Facebook Page
Bad Crap’s MySpace Page
Bad Crap’s SoundCloud Page
Buy the first CD “Ottsville”

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