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Facebook Timeline is a Magnet

April 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Hey, check out this excellent article on Awake In The Dark,

The article presents the idea that if you review your Facebook Timeline or Google Plus wall, you can get a great idea as to the vibration you are sending out. That vibration acts like a magnet, attracting like vibrations back to you. If you don’t want anger and frustration, all you have to do is remove the anger and frustration from your posts. It’s really pretty amazing!

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Bad Crap and The Quest for the White Whale

August 4, 2011 1 comment

Ottsville and Beyond

After releasing Bad Crap presents “Ottsville” in 2007, the band and I decided to hit the studio to refine what we learned. The first CD was fueled by a couple of buddies who were huge WEEN and Frank Zappa fans, and we just wanted to see if we could make an album. After “Ottsville” was a success, we began working on a set of songs called the “Off to the Races” sessions back in early 2009. The process was a little more refined this time, complete with pre-production planning sessions and scratch demo sessions that really started to give shape to the whole project. The goal was to keep the raw Bad Crap spirit alive, while beefing up our music theory and approach to writing.

Early on there was an idea that the Bad Crap should expand it’s capabilities by creating and open rotation of musicians who contribute in the writing process. So that became a focus quickly, and I think that idea of expanding the group really improved the over all mood of the project. Not too far in we decided the collection of songs, didn’t really remind us of going off to the races anymore, rather they made us feel as if we were setting off on an epic journey. The songs felt symbolic towards our new writing approach of taking on the unknown and going after a bigger fish. And there is no bigger fish out there than Moby Dick, so naturally the title began to take shape. Bad Crap in “The Quest for the White Whale”.

Check out “Atlantic City” a new track from The Quest for the White Whale

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Buy the first CD “Ottsville”


June 8, 2011 Leave a comment

B.S.E. at the corner of Broad & Oregon, 2008 

This is what I was waiting for, an ice cold beer.  It’s about 80 degrees and I’d say it’s borderline way too humid outside.  It’s been hot all day, and now I’m hiding in the air conditioning.  Like most people I suppose.  Recuperating from June’s hot sun.  The bottle is so cold ice beads up and drips down the  neck.  The first sip is magic.  Definitely, I will enjoy this moment.  It’s one of the good ones.  These days I try to appreciate moments like this as much as possible. Tomorrow when I’m busy I’m going to remember this, I just know it.

Ahhh, what’s there to watch?The Phillies are on TV, it’s about 7:54 EDT and their song is familiar this time of night.  At least in my house.  Thank goodness they are on too because there’s been a long running drought with the networks.  It seems modern day TV, despite all it’s channels and high-defness blows more than ever.  Actually, it’s not the TV’s themselves but rather the shitty programming.  I mean who writes these shows?Regardless, I’ve got my beer and I just noticed the Rolling Stones “Sweet Virginia” is barely audible off in the distance.  Perfect. I’m gonna turn it up.

I love music.  I mean LOVE it.  I grew up listening to all sorts of music influenced by both parents and a ton of friends so my pallet is very deep.  When the music is on, everything is alright.  I play a little too.  Wish I had some drums right now.  With a nice kit, a set of headphones and the Stones, I’d be lost in my own world guaranteed.  But for now I have ice cold refreshment and some Keith Richards.  Viva la Rock and Roll.

Damn, I divert my attention from the heat of the game and now the Phillies are trailing the Dodgers by 3.  And the bat’s aren’t exactly swinging these days either.  I keep waiting for Ryan Howard to deliver with a big bomb but it’s been quite some time since that’s happened.  This game is making me think back to 2008 when they won the World Championship.  Another good thing to reflect on.  I want another parade, but it’s not up to me.  Uh-oh, last sip.  It’s time for a refill.

What’s the world coming to?

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