Cash Cow

I like corn on the cob.  Outside of that I like music and art because I’m good at both.  Well, maybe not good cause who knows what that means, but I’m better than average.  I play drums first and guitar, keyboards and vocals last.  I’m in this band called The Bad Crap, we write songs about nothing.  They are always catchy numbers, never heard a complaint.  But they aren’t exactly mainstream either.  It’s a modern form of Power Slop, if I had to put a title on it.  Anyway, I like the band just fine but I’m also looking for new challenges.

Right now I’m working part time for myself which is complicated, but not.  I’m actively looking for what I’d call a “Career” with my primary trades being consultative selling and graphics and web.  I know a lot about the internet.  I’m like a web ninja.  Not really.

I know a lot about a little!

I definitely watch a lot of movies.  Netflix is my new thing, even though I know it’s been around for years.  Lame-o me is just now catching on.  But it won’t be long before I reach the end of the line on there.  I’ve already exceeded the movies on their “on demand” section, and I usually get 3 flix per week by mail.  I think I have over 500 movies rated on there already, is that a lot?

I’m very curious and I ask a lot of questions.  Some may even say too many questions.  Nonsense, there are never enough questions.  Anyway, that’s what lead me to posting this blog, my drive for questioning everything.  So far, if you ask me what I think of the blog, I’d say she’s looking pretty crappy at this point.  But hey, today is day 2 and I think I’m on a roll.  I’ll turn this ship around yet.

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