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Will signing Bryzgalov be worth it for Flyers?

My answer is NO. Only, if the answer were to be no, why bother getting the rights to Bryzgalov? Seems the intent would be on singing him.

In my opinion the idea is a very risky one as it means two certain facts: First, Cap space would need to be cleared in order to make room for his massive salary. More than likely this would include a long term contract probably in the 5 year range. This means a trade of Jeff Carter or Scott Hartnell would be in order too. Secondly, the extended contract would constrict Sergei Bobrovsky’s grooming as starting goaltender in the Flyers organization so Bob would be likely to be traded.

I feel like forcing Carter out to make cap space is a terrible idea. Jeff Carter lead the team in scoring this season and was 3rd over all in points. Not to mention he leads the team in shots on goal by almost 100. He is valuable. And if the Flyers sign Bryzgalov and need to dish Carter quickly, they will more than likely make an unfavorable deal. He is exactly the type of player we miss when he is gone.

Trading Bobrovsky would also be awful. The kid is a superstar. He may need a little more grooming, but his legs move faster than lightning and he’s got great sight of the puck and is very energetic and driven. He is our future goaltender in this guy’s opinion. Again, like Jeff Carter, trading Bobrovsky would most likely be an unfavorable deal as well. Ditto, on the type of player we’d miss too.

Okay, now that I’m typing this out I’m really hating this Brysgalov deal.

Then, how much will Brysgalov cost? From what I hear he’s looking for a long term deal, and big numbers too, upwards of 7 Million a year. This will lock the Flyers into major cap-compliance hell for the next 6 years. If Ilya comes to Philly to play and the team excels around him and they go on to win the Stanley Cup then I guess the purchase was worth it. Maybe. You’d have to question what Bobrovsky would have done in his place. If Bob could have pulled it out, then the deal would not be worth entertaining for one second.

The saga begins July 1st. Until that day…

Will signing Bryzgalov be worth it for Flyers?.

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