Will signing Bryzgalov be worth it for Flyers?

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My answer is NO. Only, if the answer were to be no, why bother getting the rights to Bryzgalov? Seems the intent would be on singing him.

In my opinion the idea is a very risky one as it means two certain facts: First, Cap space would need to be cleared in order to make room for his massive salary. More than likely this would include a long term contract probably in the 5 year range. This means a trade of Jeff Carter or Scott Hartnell would be in order too. Secondly, the extended contract would constrict Sergei Bobrovsky’s grooming as starting goaltender in the Flyers organization so Bob would be likely to be traded.

I feel like forcing Carter out to make cap space is a terrible idea. Jeff Carter lead the team in scoring this season and was 3rd over all in points. Not to mention he leads the team in shots on goal by almost 100. He is valuable. And if the Flyers sign Bryzgalov and need to dish Carter quickly, they will more than likely make an unfavorable deal. He is exactly the type of player we miss when he is gone.

Trading Bobrovsky would also be awful. The kid is a superstar. He may need a little more grooming, but his legs move faster than lightning and he’s got great sight of the puck and is very energetic and driven. He is our future goaltender in this guy’s opinion. Again, like Jeff Carter, trading Bobrovsky would most likely be an unfavorable deal as well. Ditto, on the type of player we’d miss too.

Okay, now that I’m typing this out I’m really hating this Brysgalov deal.

Then, how much will Brysgalov cost? From what I hear he’s looking for a long term deal, and big numbers too, upwards of 7 Million a year. This will lock the Flyers into major cap-compliance hell for the next 6 years. If Ilya comes to Philly to play and the team excels around him and they go on to win the Stanley Cup then I guess the purchase was worth it. Maybe. You’d have to question what Bobrovsky would have done in his place. If Bob could have pulled it out, then the deal would not be worth entertaining for one second.

The saga begins July 1st. Until that day…

Will signing Bryzgalov be worth it for Flyers?.

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Icon Clarence Clemons is hospitalized with Stroke

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The big man has suffered a stroke. Terrible news. Weather your a fan of the Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street band or not, there is simply no denying Clemon’s impact on the music world. It’s unmeasurable. Long before I even knew what a Saxaphone was my father would be excitedly clueing me in on an up coming Clarence Clemons lick much the same way Jack Nicholson introduced himself in the Shinning. “Here’s CLARENCE” he’d say. With an intro like that coming from my Dad, I was sure to listen. And I was not disappointed either.

I was sorry to hear the news when I woke up this morning. Hopefully he makes a quick and peaceful recovery.

Get well soon Clarence!

Why did Apple choose Twitter over Facebook?

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Apple and Twitter playing nice, interesting. Steve Jobs has been known to keep us on our toes, nothing new there. I wonder what this means for Twitter? I’m guessing big things.

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Why did Apple choose Twitter over Facebook?.

NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon wins SPRINT CUP at Pocono

June 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Jeff Gordon wins! I must admit, it’s been a few years since I have paid any attention to NASCAR. No fault of NASCAR’s, I just focused my interests elsewhere. Anyway, at that point in the game Jeff Gordon was a big up and coming player, ranked just behind Dale Earnhardt in popularity. Everyone liked Jeff because he was fast, and he took risks so he won a lot and was fun to watch. Of the little that I remember about NASCAR, Jeff and his driving is one thing I don’t think I’ll ever forget.

I remember going with my uncle up to visit Pocono Raceway. We went up there the day before the big 500 race. We wanted to see the cars up close, and we surely did. What a cool experience. I’ll never forget it. In addition to seeing the cars in all their gory detail, and also getting to shop at the driver’s personal concession trailers, I was able to take a tour of the infield and pit. Mega cool. Total VIP treatment.

We traveled by tunnel, just as the cars do, to get out to pit row. You could smell the tire rubber and feel the heat coming off the warm asphalt and the cars roared like the biggest thunderstorm there ever was. You could say the race was in the air and the drivers not only could feel it, they were wearing it in their bones. I never thought of racing from this perspective before.

Watching the cars make time trials was probably the absolute pinnacle. We made sure to grab really good seats for that. The main event. At least, the main event that afternoon. I’m not going to lie to you, we kept waiting for that one freak occurrence where a driver would speed into a turn haphazardly and lose control. No telling what to expect from a race, that’s one of the allures. I guess we had all secretly hoped that we’d get to see a crash or a multi-car pile up around one of the inside turns, preferably near our seats. Now I’m not saying that we wanted to see anyone hurt, we just wanted to see a little action. Is that too much to ask?

Anyway, I was glad to hear a familiar name won today. Not only for Jeff’s benefit, but if a modern day NASCAR superstar won, I might have never thought about this great memory today.

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Stop Sign Standoff

June 11, 2011 Leave a comment
So I’m sitting at this 4 way stop sign like a total jerk. I was the last one to arrive at the stop by my account, and I know I’m supposed to be the last person out of there. I remember learning stop sign rules before my first drivers test. I guess I take for granted that everyone remembers what they tested on all those years ago. Today I experienced an example of when these simple rules are completely forgotten. Here it goes.

Immediately to my left is an old man in a Buick just sitting there dumb founded. He arrived there just before me. I remember because as I approached I thought about how tacky his fuzzy dice were, and how I hadn’t seen anyone with the gall to hang them for a few years now. I wonder if he has the matching dice gear shifter knob too, or if he just backed off shy of the pair.

Then you got the lady on the cell phone across from me. She is clearly distracted by the raging game of scrabble she’s thumbing out. She made it there second. Our first place finisher must have lost something on the floor because he was fishing around aimlessly just over on the passenger’s side. His head completely disappeared at one point and I looked on in a you gotta be kidding me fashion.

When I saw the wild pack of characters I knew I was in store for a fiasco of epic proportions.

The man who arrived first, we’ll call him guy smiley, eased on the gas, but at the same time as the 3rd arriver, who we’ll call Buick Bob. Now Bob was a bit of a lead foot, and he jammed on that throttle full speed ahead. Smiley on the other hand was the type of fella who excelled at the ancient art of the stink eye; which he was applying rather intently on ole Buick. The two were in a heated duel of lead foot meets stink eye and the whole quadrant could feel the savage tension cutting through our skin like a dull serrated knife.

Just then Wendy Word Search, the second motorist to find the intersection, began leaning on her horn. WHHAMMMM WHHAMM! Apparently she was electing herself head official of this circle jerk. She employed a tactic I had never seen before, a deep glare and honk at each car, as if she was beaming them information in some wild combination of honk and stare telepathy. She was serving up smack at this honk-a-thon and she was cracking the whip.

Bob got sick of Wendy and started yelling at her to “shut up” and that “she didn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground”. He eventually dropped that tactic and he gunned it. A rocket of solid steal and rubber plowed through the stagnant cross roads and Bob rode off into the sunset victoriously. Wendy then began to pull forward so I exchanged a series of intense eye and head nod movements letting Smiley know I was intending on letting Wendy go next. Seemed like the gentlemanly thing to do and also seemed like it made sense to decrease the amount of unadulterated insanity sitting amongst us at this moment. I figured smiley was pretty level headed. After all, he drove a Subaru.

As Wendy begins to depart, Smiley and I hear a ear-piercing sound screeching towards us violently. VRROOOOM! It’s a surprise sneak attack by car number 5, who was cleverly masked by Wendy Word Search and her mind horn communication tactics. That marauder snuck right in there like a filthy little stink bug hiding under your rear window. Coward! He employed the latest tactic in 4 way intersection trickery, he did the stop by association. That’s right, he stopped along with Wendy and assumed her stop action as the same as his car stopping behind her. This is of course not a fair rule of play due to the stop action occurring one full car length behind the actual stop sign. Though two for the price of one is a fantastic concept, it doesn’t apply here and would not hold up in court.

Startled by the emergence of the fifth car in the equation, we just let him roll right through the intersection without obstruction. I’d like to call him Torpedo Tim to keep things lighthearted. He was gone before we knew what hit us. So then I looked back at Smiley and he did what he does best…he smiled. And while he was smiling I gently lit my tires up beneath me and his grin blurred fast as his car surfaced in my rearview mirror. Not this time Smiley, not this time I thought. No way was I gonna leave that intersection fifth. That’s just not my style. I wonder if Smiley ever did find what he was looking for on his floor?

This has been an observation by Tony

Super 8 in Theaters & IMAX this weekend

June 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Super 8 trailer

I’m excited are you? There is something about going to a big summer blockbuster that get’s me all fired up. And in this case, we are talking about a major summer action flick with tons of capable talent behind the wheel. J.J. Abrams is definitely the man for this job. After seeing his work on Star Trek, I have no doubt this movie will be visually dazzling. I just hope the story supports the CGI.

Regardless, I plan on getting my ticket to the IMAX showing sometime this weekend. You could say I’m completely starved for a good movie. The last time I went I saw True Grit which was excellent, I particularly enjoyed the acting of new comer Hailee Steinfeld. Her performance made the movie for me and now has me looking forward to her future as an actress.

I don’t expect Super 8 to be that deeply routed in the acting trenches, however I could be wrong. My expectations lie in the sheer action and suspense of the picture that the trailer broadcasts so vividly. Will they show aliens? I’m sure. Will they be impressive and something we haven’t seen before? Hopefully. I have confidence that J.J. Abrams is invested in this project to the teeth. So bring on the aliens Mr. Abrams, I’ll be ready.

If you see the movie this weekend (and happen to read my blog) please leave your comments.

Google honors Les Paul on his birthday

June 9, 2011 Leave a comment
Hey check out today’s Google Doodle, it’s great. Being a guitarist I certainly know who the legendary Les Paul is. For those who don’t, check him out here:

The legendary Les Paul

The first story I ever heard about Les Paul was about his accident on route 66. Legend has it he was in a horrible auto wreck and after suffering severe damage to his picking arm he was given a choice; amputation or permanently having his arm wired into one position for the rest of his life. Of course the man chose having it wired to play his guitar. OUTSTANDING.

Les Paul was also a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar. For that accomplishment, myself and a lot of other players are eternally grateful.

Back to today’s Google graphic though. I’m sure I could easily answer this using the search engine but this morning I sat in wonderment just trying to play the strings included the Google Doodle. At first I wondered why they didn’t just string the standard 6 string in it’s typical string order and tuning, which is: EADGBE. Instead they have 3 separate groups of strings, 10 in total. Strange.

After fooling around with the doodle for a minute or so I started to figure out if you strum the strings from left to right as three different chords it starts to make more sense. There are at least 3 distinct chords there. Then I started to wonder if they were the chords in happy birthday. I have yet to pick up my axe to confirm, but that’s my sneaking suspicion at this point. Thank you Google for starting my day off with this interesting little music query. I’m a fan of the Google Doodle, I almost always learn something new.

Les Paul Google Doodle.

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