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Super 8 in Theaters & IMAX this weekend

Super 8 trailer

I’m excited are you? There is something about going to a big summer blockbuster that get’s me all fired up. And in this case, we are talking about a major summer action flick with tons of capable talent behind the wheel. J.J. Abrams is definitely the man for this job. After seeing his work on Star Trek, I have no doubt this movie will be visually dazzling. I just hope the story supports the CGI.

Regardless, I plan on getting my ticket to the IMAX showing sometime this weekend. You could say I’m completely starved for a good movie. The last time I went I saw True Grit which was excellent, I particularly enjoyed the acting of new comer Hailee Steinfeld. Her performance made the movie for me and now has me looking forward to her future as an actress.

I don’t expect Super 8 to be that deeply routed in the acting trenches, however I could be wrong. My expectations lie in the sheer action and suspense of the picture that the trailer broadcasts so vividly. Will they show aliens? I’m sure. Will they be impressive and something we haven’t seen before? Hopefully. I have confidence that J.J. Abrams is invested in this project to the teeth. So bring on the aliens Mr. Abrams, I’ll be ready.

If you see the movie this weekend (and happen to read my blog) please leave your comments.

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