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Google honors Les Paul on his birthday

Hey check out today’s Google Doodle, it’s great. Being a guitarist I certainly know who the legendary Les Paul is. For those who don’t, check him out here:

The legendary Les Paul

The first story I ever heard about Les Paul was about his accident on route 66. Legend has it he was in a horrible auto wreck and after suffering severe damage to his picking arm he was given a choice; amputation or permanently having his arm wired into one position for the rest of his life. Of course the man chose having it wired to play his guitar. OUTSTANDING.

Les Paul was also a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar. For that accomplishment, myself and a lot of other players are eternally grateful.

Back to today’s Google graphic though. I’m sure I could easily answer this using the search engine but this morning I sat in wonderment just trying to play the strings included the Google Doodle. At first I wondered why they didn’t just string the standard 6 string in it’s typical string order and tuning, which is: EADGBE. Instead they have 3 separate groups of strings, 10 in total. Strange.

After fooling around with the doodle for a minute or so I started to figure out if you strum the strings from left to right as three different chords it starts to make more sense. There are at least 3 distinct chords there. Then I started to wonder if they were the chords in happy birthday. I have yet to pick up my axe to confirm, but that’s my sneaking suspicion at this point. Thank you Google for starting my day off with this interesting little music query. I’m a fan of the Google Doodle, I almost always learn something new.

Les Paul Google Doodle.

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